Tooth Extraction FAQ 

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its bone socket. It may be required due to reasons like decay, infection, crowding, or trauma.  At the time of extraction, you will be given anesthesia so that you feel no pain during your procedure. Depending on your specific case and preference, local or general anesthesia or IV sedation may be used.

When Is Tooth Extraction Recommended?

Tooth extraction is advised when a tooth is extensively damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired. It may also be necessary if there’s insufficient space for a new tooth to emerge or to prevent complications from overcrowding, particularly with wisdom teeth.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From a Tooth Extraction?

The duration of recovery after a tooth extraction varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. On the first day, bleeding and swelling at the extraction site are common. To ensure proper healing and minimize discomfort, it is crucial to follow our post-operative instructions.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Following a tooth extraction, it is essential to adhere to proper tooth extraction aftercare guidelines to ensure optimal healing. Tuscarawas Oral Surgery and Implant Center will provide you with post-operative instructions. These instructions may include avoiding strenuous activities, consuming foods, and taking prescribed pain medication as directed. Swelling, slight bleeding and discomfort are common after the procedure but should gradually improve over time. Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial during the recovery period, including gentle brushing and rinsing with antibacterial mouth rinse to minimize the risk of infection. Most patients recover in a week or less.


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